Vex Thal : Minor change to loot rules, and an upcoming DKP Clearinghouse raid

Vex Thal – Standard Loot Rules

We all LOVE Vex Thal loot! And everyone wants some.

So, we’ve decided to make some minor adjustments to the Vex Thal loot rules in the interest of spreading the love. These rules will apply to “loot /random” Vex Thal raids on Monday (Non-DKP) nights.

The Vex Thal Loot Rules are :

You and your boxes (as many as you’d like to bring) are considered a “box set.” But you must declare ONE LOOTER for the remainder of the night, and only for that night.

If you only play One Character, that character is your LOOTER obviously.

That is the only character that can win loot for that night.

  • Items will be randomed using rolls (/random 100)
  • One /random per LOOTER is allowed on an item
  • Only ONE Loot can be won in Phase 1 : Everything BEFORE “Mini Aten”
  • Only ONE Loot can be won from Phase 2 : “Mini Aten” to (but not including) Aten Ha Ra
  • Only ONE Loot can be won from Aten Ha Ra, UNLESS:
    • You already won two previous loots
    • You are not a MAIN (Even if you are declared LOOTER)

The next Vex Thal (for loot /randoms) is scheduled for Monday, February 24th, and will likely repeat every other Monday.


We’re also going to try out something new! A DKP Clearinghouse. The idea is to allow some DKP to be spent on a Monday night raid. This way people can really go after the loot they want.

The first DKP Clearinghouse raid will be Vex Thal on Monday March 2.

The rules for the DKP Clearinghouse raids are as follows:

  • DKP will be SPENT but NOT EARNED by MAINS
  • A Minimum bid of 10DKP must be placed on every item to start.
  • If no mains bid on an item :
    • All interested boxes may /random 100
  • You may win as many items as your DKP allows

We’d like to try holding DKP Clearinghouse raids periodically, depending on the success of the event. This is obviously subject to change.

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