Welcome to Elemental Planes! Now relax.

We pushed hard! We had late nights! And now the payoff.

Welcome to the Elemental Planes of Power. Now let’s chill.

I’m very proud that we’ve been able to push quickly, and aggressively into the elemental planes. And now we can reap the benefits of great exp and loot.

However, I also want us to ease off the accelerator a bit. As we coast into the Plane of Time.

Now that we’re firmly into elementals, know that we will be taking specific measures to ease the raid night schedules, while still keeping frequent loot-friendly zones on farm.

We want to maintain a fun, friendly atmosphere without the high-demand flagging and stress of pushing ahead too quickly.

But let’s keep up the momentum and enjoy the next several weeks of elemental farming and breaking in Time.

Great job guildies! You make me proud!

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