Gearing Up!

Congratulations SoA! We’ve been successful at plowing our way into the Plane of Time.

In fact, we’ve moved so quickly, we’re now feeling the effects of that fast push : We need to beef up a bit!

So let’s get you all some loot!

After Friday’s (April 10) Plane of Time raid, it’s apparent that we have some work to do when it comes to our armor.

So, we’re making some minor adjustments. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to make an dedicated push to farm elemental planes for armor drops. This will help to beef up everyone!

There will be a couple of schedule adjustments, including moving Plane of Fire to Monday for a couple of raids. Also we’ll put Earth, Air and Water in rotation over the next couple of weeks.

Plane of Time Phase 1 can still be done daily for those interested, and it’s a great way to get nice armor drops that will be essential to increasing mana pools, hit points and AC.

We’ll also put Plane of Time Phases 1 through 3 on the schedule in the coming weeks, as that also yields significant armor drops.

We’ll revisit a FULL TIME CLEAR on May 1. At that time, we hope to be a bit stronger, and have less difficulty with some key issues.

REMEMBER: We are in this for the LONG HAUL. The officers of the guild make these decisions for the good of the guild and to ensure we’re around for a long time!

Monday Gearing Raids : Plane of Fire

We’ll be making a couple minor adjustments to looting on Monday’s Plane of Fire raids.

All loot will be open for randoms (previous loot council ideas have been removed for now) for mains, unless rotting. A 2 loot limit is in place unless rot.

We hope to see you all there as there will be plenty of loot for all!

NOTE: The Essence of Fire from Fennin Ro will be randomed, but you will not be added to the DKP list order for Essences.

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