Don’t get “Lost” in the Dungeons of Norrath!

Happy Unlock Day everyone!

Lost Dungeons of Norrath officially unlocks on Mangler today (May 6, 2020). I thought I’d post some information for those interested.

Also, LDON raids (and most future EQ raids) will be limited to 54 players. Since we regularly field MORE than 54 players, I thought I’d post some rules for “Stand By” moving forward.

These are General Rules for Raid “Stand By.”

As always, it is in the raid leader’s authority to deviate from these rules if deemed necessary.

If the raid attendance surpasses the character limit for that raid (typically 54), the following steps will be taken until the desired number is reached :

  1. ALL boxes and alts will be removed from the raid

Once the above steps have been taken, then Mains will be asked to “Stand By” in the following order until cap is reached

  1. Recruits will be asked to Stand By
  2. Players below the level cap will be asked to Stand By
  3. Volunteers will be asked to Stand By
  4. Raid Leader will choose additional Stand Bys
  5. If you are a max level, full member main on Stand By on the most recent raid, you will not be asked to Stand By twice in a row

If you are asked to Stand By:

  • You will earn the same DKP as other raiders.
  • You will NOT be able to bid on raid items.
  • You won’t sit 2 raids in a row if you are a full member, max level main
  • You must remain ONLINE during the raid (on your Main).
  • While you may be REMOVED from the raid so the Raid Leader can get the instance, you MUST be added back to the raid to be put in a Stand By group (Raid Note denoted with an “S”). This is to ensure you get DKP!

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