Standing at the Gates

We’re standing at the Gates.

The Gates of Discord that is. The Gates of Discord expansion unlocks on Mangler on July 1st.

For many of us, this will be new content that we haven’t explored. For others, it’s a return to some very challenging zones.

With the expectation of the upcoming challenges, we’ve made a few guild structure adjustments.


Shadows of Agnarr has always behaved as a council. That will continue, with the Leader (Kitt) and the officers collectively deciding the direction, schedule and rules for the guild.

A new rank, “Advisor” has been created to act as a liason during raids, class lead and assist with any tasks that may arise.

Together with the Officers and Leader, the Advisors make up the Council for Shadows of Agnarr. This council will meet periodically to discuss the needs of the guild and raids.

Veterans and Member status remains the same.

Because our recruitment is no longer open, we’ve created a “Friends and Family” in order to invite friends or family of current members. This rank will act the same as Members/Veterans with one difference: For the purpose of raid invites, Friends/Family will act as “Recruits.” This may result in being unable to join raids. Over time, Friends and Family will become full members.


Since we made the move to Mangler, the pace during Planes of Power has been accelerated. As we move into Gates of Discord, that pace will adjust.

We’re returning to our “Progression” roots and we’ll be tackling everything that each upcoming expansion has to offer at our own pace.

We’ll set a series of goals, and we’ll be transparent about what we expect to accomplish.

Our goal is to experience as much of the content in Gates of Discord as possible, to prepare us to move forward beyond Gates.

We’ll progress at a rate that keeps us challenged, offers great rewards while experiencing all the content in EverQuest.

We will continue to “farm” Elementals, Plane of Time and LDON raids through Gates of Discord and likely into Omens of War. Those raids will only become more efficient as we progress.


To prepare you all for what is going on in Gates of Discord, quests, tasks, armor etc, I’ve scheduled a tour!

On Monday, July 6, I’ll be leading a Gates of Discord Lore raid.

I’ll discuss NPCs, lore, quests, tasks and what’s happening in the expansion.

We’ll also explore a few of the zones, and tackle a few minor raids. Hope to see you there!


Finally, a thank you.

Thank you to all the guildies and friends that have gone along on this journey.

It has been an amazingly fun adventure, and I’m excited to be a part of a new chapter, venturing into new content with you all.

/HUGS to all and see you in Norrath!


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