August and Everything After

Our successful guild progression continues! And as the month of August begins, we have some exciting momentum.

Our first raid of the month is a Monday “Off-Night” raid in the Plane of Time. This raid will be a “DKP Clearinghouse Raid.”

What is a DKP Clearinghouse Raid?

This means that DKP will be spent, but not earned. We’ll do a full clear of the Plane of Time, as quickly as possible, but instead of using rolls for loot (as is usual on Monday nights) we’ll be spending DKP.

There is a slight difference with the DKP bidding. We’re attempting to try out “Silent Bidding”

How does “Silent Bidding” work?

Here are some of the rules for silent bidding:

TWO officers will be assigned as the bid-takers for the night.

When bidding starts for an item, you will send ONE bid to EITHER of the bid-taking officers.

  • That bid should be your highest and best offer you are willing to pay for the item.
  • You must have the DKP earned to bid.
  • The minimum bid is 1 DKP.
  • There will be a time-limit for bidding, so you must send a bid in quickly.

The officers will compare and see who had the highest bid. The highest bidder will win and pay their bid price.

In the event of a tie, officers will ask the tied bidders to resubmit a new, better bid.

Pushing Ahead

While August starts with a Plane of Time raid from the Planes of Power expansion, it ends with Epic 1.5 weapon farming as a guild in the Omens of War.

That’s exciting! And it’s a lot of progress.

For most of August, we’ll continue successfully farming Gates of Discord raids and getting to Tacvi.

It’s an ambitious and jam-packed raid schedule, but one I think we can handle easily and that most of the guild will be happy to work through.

As always, thank you to ALL of you for making this guild the best.

Let’s have fun and continue playing our favorite game!

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