MOAR Dragons! — Dragons of Norrath unlocks!

Welcome to the Dragons of Norrath expansion!

I know many of you are excited for new content to explore! And as a guild, we’ll explore through all of the content available.  For those that have never experienced the DoN expansion, here is a little info you may need to know a we move forward.

Progression is OPTIONAL!

Progression is NOT required! You won’t need to do a thing to raid with the guild, and no “unlocking” or “flagging” is required. So don’t fear falling behind.

Dragons of Norrath Progression AAs

Progression DOES unlock AA abilities that will make you stronger. The 5 tiers of progression offer new passive AAs which you’ll WANT to obtain! You can find these under the Special Tab in the AA window.

Good or Evil?

Shadows of Agnarr will officially be doing Norrath’s Keepers progression (good).

Individuals can choose evil OR good progression, but as a guild, we’ll be doing the good missions.  The raid/progression drops should be identical and should not hinder your progression. However, earning faction may be slightly more time-consuming.

I’ve created a spreadsheet to track your progress that can be found in the Raid Resources section of our Discord channel.

What about previous content?

Didn’t get a chance to finish BiC? Still working on 2.0 orbs? Do not fret!

I’ll be soliciting a list of characters that are still actively working to complete BiC, so that I can prioritize the raids needed to complete them.

We’ll still be doing some of this content on offnights, but in the not-to-distant future, most GoD raids will begin to move off of official raid nights.

And Anguish will remain on heavy rotation for quite a while!

Veteran AAs!
Don’t forget, the first (7) “veteran” AAs are now available with the DON unlock. They are open to ALL regardless of account longevity.

Here’s a list of the rewards:

  • Lesson of the Devoted: The player is surrounded by a beautiful blue/white glow as they gain double experience for half an hour once every 20 hours.
  • Infusion of the Faithful: Usable once every 20 hours, the player enjoys maximum resistances, statistics and a faster run speed for 15 minutes while he glows brightly with power.
  • Chaotic Jester: Usable once every 20 hours, this summons a Bristlebane puppet that persists for 15 minutes or until you zone. Bristlebane will randomly cast various spells that provide benefits or minor penalties. His wry sense of humor is sure to get you noticed at that next gathering!
  • Expedient Recovery: Usable just under once per week, all the player’s corpses are summoned to their feet and given 100% experience resurrection if they are still eligible. This reward is very handy to use for those difficult situations where getting a resurrection is inconvenient.
  • Steadfast Servant: Summons a faithful servant that casts healing spells upon the player and others nearby. Lasts for half an hour or until you zone and is usable once every 20 hours.
  • Staunch Recovery: Usable once just under every 3 days, the player is fully restored with health, mana, and endurance. Great for those emergencies but it does take a few seconds to cast.
  • Intensity of the Resolute: Surrounded by a glow of energy this greatly increases the power of the player’s melee abilities, spells and heals for 1 minute. This handy ability is especially useful for tough situations requiring your best and is usable once every 4 hours.

Guild Hall and Guild Bank is here!

Also with DoN unlock comes the Guild Hall and the Guild Bank located within it.

The guild hall is a great place for us to gather for raids, and to provide buffs. It will likely become our DEFAULT gather place to buff before we move as a raid.

The guild bank is also available for us to put our important loot that we wish to share with our guildies

PLEASE do not use the guild bank as your place to dump items. Only put items you think are worth sharing in the guild bank.

If you have items you are sending to a specific person, please use the parcel service instead of the Guild Bank.

Some tweaks

As the game progresses and changes, so should our guild. As new long questlines and dynamics come about, we look to keep our policies fair.

We’re currently looking at certain DKP rules and box rules to ensure that 1) mains are prioritized on significant quest arcs/drops but also that 2) boxes have an avenue to complete quests that have time invested in them.

I cannot tell you how proud and humble I am to continue serving as your Guild Leader in this amazing guild.

Please continue to take care of each other and let’s keep having fun in Norrath!

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