A New Year Dawns

Happy 2021 Shadows of Agnarr!

As we say goodbye to the year that was beyond anything we expected, we look ahead to another year, filled with hope and excitement of the adventures ahead.

And already, good things are on the horizon! The Depths of Darkhollow expansion launches just 2 weeks into 2021. I know we’ll all welcome new content, raids and goals.

Shadows of Agnarr is going strong. We’re filling raids with mains. We’re completing content in a steady, methodical fashion, and keeping raids fun and light.

Let’s continue to take care of each other, keep the guild running strongly and smoothly, and work towards keep SoA the best guild in Norrath!

Here’s a look at the unlock schedule for all of 2021:

Depths of Darkhollow01-13-2021 (Wed)8 weeks
Prophecy of Ro03-10-2021 (Wed)8 weeks
The Serpent’s Spine05-05-2021 (Wed)7512 weeks
The Buried Sea07-28-2021 (Wed)8 weeks
Secrets of Faydwer09-22-2021 (Wed)8012 weeks
Seeds of Destruction12-15-2021 (Wed)8512 weeks

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