Tips and Tricks for Demi-Plane of Blood

We’re ready for Demi-Plane of Blood! But some of the events are very involved.

So here are some tips and tricks for some of the events, including The Performer!


During this event, we’ll fend off trash mob attacks, while the band plays on. But we’ll have to help them sing the lines.

While managing the stream of mobs the 4 members of the band will send out targeted emotes, first a general emote in yellow like
Britton recites a line of her song and beckons for you to approach her and sing the next line.
 Following that will be an emote in blue/teal like
Until suddenly,

Since typing it out during the event isn’t reasonable, I recommend setting up a series of hotkeys. This is the way I do it, but you may find a simpler solution given your EQ UI set up, and hotkey preference.


Assuming you don’t use pages 8 and 9 of your socials in the Actions window, this is the fastest and simplest way to set these up.

From Rasper’s:

 Trying to type out the exact line without typos isn't exactly realistic so you'll want to have hotkeys set up beforehand. Load up your character and erase any hotkeys you have in the socials on pages 8 and 9 then camp all the way out of EQ (character select screen won't work). Open up This Page (opens in a new window). 
Now go to your base Everquest directory and find the ini file for your character, charactername_servername.ini, for example mine is Atlane_selo.ini Open the file and scroll down to the section labeled [Socials] You'll see all of your hotkeys, scroll to the end of that section and paste in everything on This Page. 
Save the file (depending on your OS and editor, you may need to do "Save As" and select UTF-8 encoding). The next time you log into EQ the socials page 8 and 9 hotkey banks should be set up. When you get an emote run to The Performer and hit the top hotkey with the name of the band member that sent the emote to target them, then hit the hotkey under which matches the start of the line they sang to you. So if Aelfric sends you an emote saying "Dreaming with me", you will hit the AELFRIC button to target, then Dreaming button to /say "Please,". 


Since I use hotkeys A LOT, I didn’t want to hassle with erasing them. I just set up new hotkeys. Here’s how I did it.

First, I added 2 hotkey banks that I wasn’t previously using. You can do this by using the EQ button > Hotkeys. I wasn’t using Hotkeys 8 and Hotkeys 11. Those are the banks I set up.

Next, I created some hotkeys. You’ll need FOUR sets. Each set will have a performer key, and 4 or 5 lyrics keys, depending on the performer.

Here’s what the full set looks like on my screen. I used yellow for performers. Light blue for lyrics to keep it tidy.

And here’s an example of a performer hotkey. It turns attack off (Important for melees) and targets the performer.

And you’ll need lyric hotkeys. Here’s an example. You label it the lyric of the song the performer gives you, then /say the next line. Example:

How do you know what lyrics are?

They are all right here. These are the songs each performer will sing.

Britton Harmony sings a tune describing the bitterness of a failed romance.
When she and I split ways,
it felt like the end of my days.
Until I suddenly,
suddenly realized
this life was better off alone.
Solitude was the best gift you ever gave me.

Aelfric the Flautist sings a catchy song with nonsensical lyrics.
Touched tenderly.
Where will you be?
Dreaming with me.
everybody, hear the music.

Seth Kimble sings a depressing tune about suffering and despair.
Another night, in eternal darkness.
Time bleeds like a wound that's lost all meaning.
It's a long winter in the swirling chaotic void.
This is my torture,
my pain and suffering!
Pinch me, O' Death. . .

You say, 'Hail, Randal Reedsea'
Randal Reedsea sings a limerick about a historically significant figure.
Ol' Nilipus hailed from Misty Thicket.
Where'er he smelled Jumjum he'd pick it.
The halflings grew cross
when their profits were lost,
screamin', 'Where is that brownie? I'll kick it!'


You may also want to set up Audio Triggers for the Hatchet event

Hatchet locks eyes with you and snorts, pawing at the blood-stained tile with his hooves. He's about to charge directly at you!
  • You must run away from Hatchet for 25 seconds while he chases you. If he catches you a 50 range PBAE goes off dealing 100,000 to all.
Hatchet levels his axe at your upper body and prepares to swing. You should duck.
  • You need to duck until you get Hatchet’s axe passes harmlessly overhead, or take 100,000 damage.
Hatchet lifts his axe high, preparing to bring it down upon you. You should hide between his legs.
  • You must stand beneath him until you get By darting between Hatchet’s hooves, he has no way to strike you., or you take 100,000 damage
Hatchet hefts a weighted throwing axe in his offhand and readies to throw it in your direction. You should get as far away as possible.
  • You need to run to the opposite side of the room until you get You outdistance the reach of the throwing axe, and it clatters to the floor harmlessly, or take 100,000 damage.

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