The Prophecy of Ro was foretold!

Welcome to EverQuest’s 11th expansion, the Prophecy of Ro. Officially, on the Mangler server on Wednesday, March 10, the expansion unlocked.

And there’s more content for us to explore! Get ready to enter the Planes of Magic and Rage.  And travel back to a time when the deserts of Ro were lush green forests of the Elddar elves!

Progression and Spells

Progression through Prophecy of Ro is fairly simple and straight forward. It does require a series of solo and group tasks to enter some of the raid zones, but plenty of time will be allotted for completing missions and flagging.

And the good news is, most of the spell arcs required to obtain our new spells are a part of progression! It’s like killing two aviaks with one stone!

And you can track it by using our Spreadsheet linked in the Guild Discord #raid-information channel

Schedule and Raiding

I’ve divided the expansion into Phases for us to nibble at, as we continue farm Demiplane of Blood and Mayong Mistmoore. I want to keep us moving, but also fight off burnout.

Each phase allows about 2 weeks, but there will be overlap and farming of events. I do expect to complete the expansion in era.

  • Phase 1 : Spells, Quests and Razorthorn 
  • Phase 2 : Dragons and Minis
  • Phase 3 : Theatre of Blood
  • Phase 4 : Deathknell

So Proud. Keep it up!

I cannot believe how amazing all of our guildies are. Great people. Skilled players. And a strong team-focused raiding core. 

I’m humbled to be able to lead such an amazing guild full of people I truly consider my friends.

I fully intend to progress through the entirety of every expansion and have fun along the way with all of you!

Thank you and keep up the amazing work!


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