From The Mountains To The Sea

We’ve done it again!

The Serpent’s Spine is complete! Sure, we have a few more fights to complete all the content, but with the defeat of Lethar, we’ve continued solidifying ourselves as a strong guild of progression.

We’ll continue having fun in Ashengate and Frostcrypt while we set our sights on moving forward. We now we turn our attention to The Buried Sea!

Mayong Mistmoor has returned and of course, it’s up to US to set him straight!

We’ll also travel beneath the depths to assist the combine and take on the Shissar, Kedge and Sphinx! And now have access to our Guild Banner and Fellowhips!

It’s an exciting time for Shadows of Agnarr and we need everyone working together to keep us moving forward!

Progression into Solteris (The only raid zone in TBS) requires a series of 8 group tasks (and some hails or turn-ins in between). This simple progression is available in our guild spreadsheet (located in Raid Recourses section of our Discord).

We hope to be in Solteris by mid-August so we can spend plenty of time getting the fights down.

Before you know it, it will be time for Secrets of Faydwer, but let’s not forget to stop and smell the salt air as we progress into new territory!

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