I’m a Sol man….

This is it! Shadows of Agnarr has made it to Solteris, the end game of The Buried Sea. We’ve come a long way.

But as we venture into new territory, we have to lay out a fair system of distributing loot currency, which is a new mechanic for this expansion.


In addition to regular dropped armor and aug loot, clusters of “phosphenes” will drop from each of the 7 encounters in Solteris. The clusters will start at 100 each and increase to 1000 by the final encounter.

These phosphenes can be used to purchase raid gear, buy rank 3 spells or augmentations and weapons from the elite merchants in Katta Castrum.

The ability to purchase items from Elite merchants depends on a few factors.

  • Faction with Katta Castrum Merchants. Various levels of faction will allow you to view gear, if unlocked (below)
  • Unlock status (Based on completed encounters in Solteris)

What do items cost?


  • 50 phosphenes – Level 71 rank III spell
  • 75 phosphenes – Level 72 rank III spell
  • 100 phosphenes – Level 73 rank III spell
  • 125 phosphenes – Level 74 rank III spell
  • 150 phosphenes – Level 75 rank III spell

Raid Armor:

  • 100 phosphenes – Wrist
  • 150 phosphenes – Glove
  • 200 phosphenes – Boot
  • 250 phosphenes – Head
  • 400 phosphenes – Arms
  • 450 phosphenes – Legs
  • 700 phosphenes – Chest

How Phosphenes are Distributed in SoA:

On official raids, phosphenes will be bid in sets of 200 or 400 (clusters and sets are not the same), depending on the encounter when loot is done for that encounter.

You may only bid on Phosphenes if you have appropriate raid attendance, eligibility to bid on loot AND are flagged for Solteris. (Game limitations only allow you to utilize Phosphenes for item purchases IF you are flagged for Solteris).

Bids for each set will have a starting bid:

  • 40 DKP per 200 phosphenes
  • 80 DKP per 400 phosphenes

Bids can go as high as someone wants to pay for them. There is no maximum bid.

As the current DKP limit for Boxes is 30 DKP, Boxes will not be eligible to bid unless they go to rot.

Phosphene sets by Encounter:

Phosphene sets will be offered as follows:

  • Encounter 1 – 1 set of 200 Phosphenes
  • Encounter 2 – 1 set of 200 Phosphenes
  • Encounter 3 – 2 sets of 200 Phosphenes
  • Encounter 4 – 2 sets of 200 Phosphenes
  • Encounter 5 – 4 sets of 200 Phosphenes
  • Encounter 6 – 2 sets of 400 Phosphenes
  • Encounter 7 – 5 sets of 400 Phosphenes

The highest bidder will win the set of Phosphenes There is no limit to how many sets you may win per night. Phosphenes may be traded after purchased (We would encourage you to help each other by donating extras to Guildies who may be missing a few rather than them having to buy an additional set themselves.)

CAUTION: While Phosphenes may also be sold on the open market, we discourage this. The leadership does reserve the right to bar future purchases of Phosphenes from any members found to be abusing our DKP system for personal profit.

Any Phosphenes not purchased via DKP bid will be looted and stored in a bank held by Kitt. These Phosphenes may be purchased on a first come first serve basis with a limit of 200 : 40 DKP per week, per Member.

At a later date, Solteris will likely move to Monday “off-night” raids and the policy for distributing phosphenes will be amended at that time.

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