What Secrets does Faydwer have in store?

It’s TIME! The Secrets of Faydwer unlocks on Mangler!

I’m so excited to venture forth with Shadows of Agnarr and tackle this content with you all.

Levels are increasing! New AAs await. And there is a TON of new content and raiding.

But don’t rush. Take your time. Enjoy the content. Burn out is real and we want to continue at a nice steady, comfortable pace. We’ll be in Crystallos before you know it.


Progression is straightforward. One single task (with many steps) to get into Meldrath’s Mansion and another single task for Crystallos.

Along the way, we’ll need to do several raids, with drop 12 pieces each. So some raids will need to be farmed many times.

We’ll plan on raiding entry zones for a few weeks, and then raid in Meldrath’s by late October. By mid November, we’re in Crystallos and farming for the remainder of the expansion!

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