Spending “time” on raids!

Happy day everyone! Some changes are in store to the way Shadows of Agnarr handles DKP earning!

We’re moving to a time-based system (as opposed to our current kill based system)

Why the change?

Our current kill-based DKP earned can be inconsistent from raid to raid. Because attendance is based off these events, we also needed to provide uniformity to the way DKP is gained and raid attendance is calculated.

What is the change?

Here is the new policy:

Early DKP – No Change
Get to the raid early so we can make sure we have the force!

  • 2 DKP will still be earned for early arrival to the raid (roughly 7:45)
  • You must be in the raid to receive
  • Attendance will NOT be applied to early DKP

Checkpoint DKP – NEW
DKP will now be earned at time-based “checkpoints.”

  • 2 DKP will be earned at start of raid and every 30 minutes after until either the raid ends or 11pm.
  • Attendance will be applied to these checkpoints.
  • Discretion will be used about rewarding DKP for a fraction of 30 minutes remaining (Example: If the raid ends at 10:47 instead of 11:00 pm, you’ll earn 2 DKP for the 10:30 checkpoint and 10:47. Conversely, if the raid ends at 11:05, additional DKP may not be rewarded)
  • 1 DKP will be awarded if you attend a full raid from start to final “standard” checkpoint

Overtime DKP – NEW
Sometimes raids run late! We want to reward you for hanging in there!

  • 3 DKP will be earned for each 30 minutes after 11pm (or expected raid end)
  • Attendance will NOT be applied these checkpoints
  • The same general rules will apply about fractions of a half hour

First Kill DKP! – No Change
We did it! We beat an encounter for the first time! Celebrate with bonus DKP

  • You’ll earn 2 bonus DKP for the first kill of minor targets
  • You’ll earn 3 bonus DKP for the first kill of major targets (final bosses of raid zones etc) Same rules apply as before.

Bonus/BINGO DKP – Minor Change
Occasionally we like to make raids more interesting and award extra DKP

  • 1 to 3 DKP may be awarded during a raid for possible “BINGO.” This is left to the raid leader and officer discretion and may not be awarded every night.

What do I need to do?

Not a single thing! But, keep in mind, this is a new process, and it may take some getting used to. For the raiders and for the officers.

Please notify if there are problems, inconsistencies or clarifications are needed.

Are there any changes to spending DKP?

At the moment, no! All previous DKP spending rules remain in place.

Recently, we have temporarily allowed boxed clerics to ignore the 30 DKP bid cap in place for boxes. This is temporary and may be rescinded at any time.

Otherwise, boxes (if allowed on raids) may bid up to 30 DKP.

Full DKP rules on our website are located HERE.

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