We’ve planted the “Seeds,” now it’s time to venture “Underfoot”

How exciting! New content and we’re move strongly and quickly towards the unlock of “Underfoot.”

But with a few more weeks of Seeds of Destruction before we head down below, I thought I’d take the time to outline our progress moving forward!

Moving into Citadel

First of all, we’re doing GREAT by moving into Citadel after farming Korafax for several weeks. While it was a delayed start, we’ve caught up and we’re in a remarkable place for 2/3s into this expansion.

We’ll be getting another couple of clears of Korafax in before we attempt to bust into Citadel. That means that most will be flagged, but once we’re in Citadel, we can piggy some, and use the events in Citadel to backflag individuals.

When all is said and done, we’ll have everyone flagged for Citadel and I expect the next several weeks to keep Citadel on farm, even into Underfoot.

That’s a great loot piƱata to hit weekly!

Underfoot Unlock

Of course, we’re all excited for the unlock of Underfoot on March 9, 2022.

Because there is no level increase on this expansion, we WILL have a raid on unlock night. It WILL be an Underfoot raid! We’re going to get started on keying as quickly as possible for this expansion.

AND it’s much easier than in previous expansion.

Which leads us to progression:

Progression in Underfoot

Progression is pretty simple in Underfoot. There are 3 Tiers of zone.

Tier 1 (Often called Tier 6 and 7) is open to everyone with no flagging. There are 7 zones in this tier.

Tier 2 requires EITHER Group progression OR Raid progression to access it.

If you attend all raids, you’ll automatically be flagged.

Or you can do Group Progression, which is simply a group mission for each of the zones (7 group missions total…which you can be taskadded to).

Tier 3 works the same way, with either raid progression or group progression in Tier 2 to access.

No one will be left behind and we’ll work as a guild to see as MUCH of Underfoot as we can!

Loot Galore!

And because the loot, keying and spell drops have been significantly increased for progression servers, we can farm these raids and zones and get REALLY geared up!

While it is a VERY tough expansion, we’re a hardy group of guildies and we’ll do great to gear up during Underfoot!

Staying Strong

As I always say, we’re strongest together as a guild! And that means keeping our numbers up!

We can more easily tackle these difficult Underfoot raids as a strong guild with high numbers!

So keep an eye out for those LFGuild that like our style.

I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished and how far we’ve come! Let’s keep Shadows of Agnarr going strong!

Your humbled leader,

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