Arm Yourselves!

Underfoot has arrived! And while it’s proving a challenge, it’s still early in the expansion!

Because the expansion is newly unlocked, we still need a bit of time to catch up on gear and experience. And that’s exactly what our initiatives the next few weeks are aimed at doing.

Now is the time to arm ourselves! Increase our strength and armor, increase and utilize new AAs, and gain new spells!

It’s also a chance to catch our breath, and remember what makes us a wonderful guild. Refocus on having fun, while enjoying the challenge of moving forward to see more of the game.

Gearing up!

We clearly need to beef up, especially our hard-working tanks! We’re actively working on some initiatives to better gear our tanks, so they can sustain the brutal beating they’re taking in UF.

The details of exactly how that will logistically work are still being fleshed out, but know it is one of our top priorities as a guild!

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be hitting high-yield, farmable content (Citadel etc) to increase the gearing of ALL members, but especially the tanks.

We’ll also be using our Monday off-night raids as DKP nights (Earned & spent) but don’t worry if you can’t attend. Attendance will not be counted.

Starting with the Elf in the mirror

But there are also many things that you can do yourselves or with a guild group to improve yourselves!

UF content is great for guild groups, and armor (even group armor) is comparable to previous raid gear for most.

Exp bonus!

It’s EQs 23rd anniversary! And an exp bonus is in place for a couple of weeks! That’s PERFECT for us at this time.

It’s time to rebuild the exp buffer for many of us, after some death-marathons over the last few raids.

AND there are still plenty of AAs to purchase in UF, and they will dramatically help in the current content

Always learning

Don’t forget things are always evolving from expansion to expansion. New spells have to be obtained, and new AAs purchased.

That takes time, and the next couple of weeks, we’ll be working to assist everyone to catch up.


As a guild, growing MUST be a constant. We must consistently bring people into the fold, that share our casual style with a love of EQ.

The officers and recruiters are always looking for new members, but it’s EVERYONE’S priority to be an ambassador for SoA, and keep us growing!

UF Progression

Finally, we want to progress through UF as a guild, but raids will be a big challenge.

However, like SoD, you can do GROUP PROGRESSION as an alternate route to flagging using RAIDS.

It requires doing the group mission for each zone (1 each). There are 6 missions (6 zones) for the first flag, and then 3 for the next tier.

The rewards are VERY nice, you often earn spells if you don’t have them, and the exp is very nice. They are a win all the way around!

Thank You

I just want to extend my thanks and let each of you know I appreciate you all making this game and this guild a blast to be a part of!


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