Shadows of Agnarr DKP Rules

The following is a Q&A to answer many of your question, and lay out how the system works.

What is a DKP System?
DKP stands for Dragon Kill Points. It’s a widely used system for earning points for raid attendance, that can be used to bid on dropped raid loot.

How are DKP earned?
DKP are earned in the following way, for each raid:

Early DKP – No Change
Get to the raid early so we can make sure we have the force!

  • 2 DKP will still be earned for early arrival to the raid (roughly 7:45)
  • You must be in the raid to receive
  • Attendance will NOT be applied to early DKP

Checkpoint DKP – NEW
DKP will now be earned at time-based “checkpoints.”

  • 2 DKP will be earned at start of raid and every 30 minutes after until either the raid ends or 11pm.
  • Attendance will be applied to these checkpoints.
  • Discretion will be used about rewarding DKP for a fraction of 30 minutes remaining (Example: If the raid ends at 10:47 instead of 11:00 pm, you’ll earn 2 DKP for the 10:30 checkpoint and 10:47. Conversely, if the raid ends at 11:05, additional DKP may not be rewarded)
  • 1 DKP will be awarded if you attend a full raid from start to final “standard” checkpoint

Overtime DKP – NEW
Sometimes raids run late! We want to reward you for hanging in there!

  • 3 DKP will be earned for each 30 minutes after 11pm (or expected raid end)
  • Attendance will NOT be applied these checkpoints
  • The same general rules will apply about fractions of a half hour

First Kill DKP! – No Change
We did it! We beat an encounter for the first time! Celebrate with bonus DKP

  • You’ll earn 2 bonus DKP for the first kill of minor targets
  • You’ll earn 3 bonus DKP for the first kill of major targets (final bosses of raid zones etc) Same rules apply as before.

Bonus/BINGO DKP – Minor Change
Occasionally we like to make raids more interesting and award extra DKP

  • 1 to 3 DKP may be awarded during a raid for possible “BINGO.” This is left to the raid leader and officer discretion and may not be awarded every night.

When can I earn DKP?
DKP will *ONLY* be given out on raid nights (Currently Wednesday and Friday) unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Impromptu raids, pickup raids, epic fights or other unscheduled events will not earn DKP.

How do I bid on raid items?

  • The Master Looter will initiate the bidding on each item.
  • Raid bids are done in /rs (Raidsay)
  • The master looter will give a GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE and SOLD call during the bidding.
  • Box bids must have BOX appended to their bid. Example : “22 box”

Is there a minimum bid on items?
While there is no minimum bid on items, you must bid something. So 1 DKP is technically the minimum.

How is bidding handled on rots and spells?
In order for you to loot *any* item on a raid, you must spend DKP. While this may only be 1 DKP, you must spend it to gain a rot that no one wants.

What happens if there is a bidding tie on an item?
There are no ties on bids. The person which first made the bid  (From the looters viewpoint) will get the bid. Others will then have to bid higher to win.

How do I check my DKP?
The EQDKP website will keep track of all your DKP for the raid.

When can I spend the DKP I earn?
You earn DKP at the *END* of the raid. So you may not spend the current raid’s DKP until the *next* raid.

ADDENDUM (04/22/20)
You must retain 30% Raid Attendance for the last 30 days in order to bid on an item. If your 30-Day raid attendance is below 30%, you must wait until your raid attendance goes above 30% to be able to spend DKP.

Raid attendance can be found on the SoA EQDKP site. For boxes, the raid attendance of their main will be used for this calculation.

Will my boxed character and alt earn DKP?
Characters earn DKP based on attendance. Your DKP is tied to your CHARACTER. You may not bid on an item with DKP earned from an alt, main or box.

NEW : Only 1 box can earn DKP on a raid. Additional boxes may be allowed to attend, but will not earn DKP or be able to bid (unless the item “rots” in which case Out Boxes can bid).

When will the system be implemented?
The first “earned” DKP will be on Friday, November 22. However, the first raid bidding on DKP will not happen until Wednesday, December 11.

What if I don’t have enough DKP to win a bid?
You may only bid DKP that you have. No negative DKP will be allowed, and you may not bid higher than what you’ve earned.

Is there a cap on DKP?
There is currently no cap for DKP.

Will my DKP “decay?”
Any main that has not attended a raid for longer than 90 days will have their DKP balance removed.

Exceptions will be made, with officer permission, for things like deployment, schedule changes, or other extenuating circumstances.

What if I want to switch my main?

Main swaps will be taxed 50% of the new main’s DKP and the previous main will abide by the above Box Bidding ruleset at all future raids.

Mainswaps can be denied by leadership due to excessive requests viewed as “gaming the system”.

Are there any special box rules?

  1. ONE BOX will be allowed ONLY if the player’s box is ACTIVELY being played. That box will earn its own DKP pool. AFK boxes will not be allowed, nor will they earn DKP.
  2. Additional boxes may attend the raid, but will not earn DKP.
  3. A DKP bid cap of 30 is placed on boxes in the raid. However, if no mains are bidding, boxes can bid against each other over the box cap.
  4. If character limits (PoTime B early phases) or DZ limit (72) are at issue, the raid leader will ask boxers to drop one character, starting with the boxer boxing the most characters and moving down the line.
  5. Boxes may be asked to be removed in favor of more needed classes
  6. The Raid Leader reserves the right to add or remove characters to the raid or raid teams for the sake of success rate.

Following are the new guidelines and timing of invites for DKP Raids.

7:30 PM (Eastern) – Level 60 MAINS Invited (via -X-)
7:40 PM (Eastern) – If room, sub-60 mains invited to fill raid.
7:45 PM (Eastern) – Early DKP is awarded, per usual
8:00 PM (Eastern) – Boxes may be allowed to fill (if room)
Until first raid target engage – Sub-60 mains will be dropped for Level 60 mains. Boxes will be dropped first
At any time – Boxes will be asked to drop for mains

As always, the raid leader may use their discretion to ask any member(s) to sit out for raid mechanics, class need or level restriction.

After first target engagement, characters will not be asked to drop for those arriving late. However, the raid leader reserves the right to override this rule if necessary.

ADDENDUM – 05/08/2020 – Stand By Rules

As always, it is in the raid leader’s authority to deviate from these rules if deemed necessary.

If the raid attendance surpasses the character limit for that raid (typically 54), the following steps will be taken until the desired number is reached :

  1. ALL boxes and alts will be removed from the raid

Once the above steps have been taken, then Mains will be asked to “Stand By” in the following order until cap is reached

  1. Recruits and Friends/Family will be asked to Stand By
  2. Players below the level cap will be asked to Stand By
  3. Volunteers will be asked to Stand By
  4. Raid Leader will choose additional Stand Bys
  5. If you are a max level, full member main on Stand By on the most recent raid, you will not be asked to Stand By twice in a row

If you are asked to Stand By:

  • You will earn the same DKP as other raiders.
  • You will NOT be able to bid on raid items.
  • You won’t sit 2 raids in a row if you are a full member, max level main
  • You must remain ONLINE during the raid (on your Main).
  • While you may be REMOVED from the raid so the Raid Leader can get the instance, you MUST be added back to the raid to be put in a Stand By group (Raid Note denoted with an “S”). This is to ensure you get DKP!