Who We Are….

Shadows of Agnarr is a casual EverQuest progression guild on the Mangler server, formerly known as Shadow Requiem on the Agnarr server.



To experience the content of EverQuest in a well-defined progression at a casual pace without drama, pressure or conflict.



We will create a well-defined progression through the expansions of EverQuest, as they unlock on Mangler. We will not rush through content, rather experience the content as the guild grows stronger.

We encourage all members to attend raids that they wish to attend. However, raiding is not mandatory.

Raids are held on Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm Eastern time. The raid will gather at 7:30 pm Eastern.



Kitt – Guild Leader
Cranel – Officer
Kudu – Officer
Gaunnt – Officer
Train – Officer
Zingoro – Officer
Ralmez – Officer

You may contact any of these officers in game if you need assistance with Shadows of Agnarr



The most important rule is to enjoy your time in Norrath, however, there are a set of guidelines which we expect guild members to abide by.

All guild members are expected to conduct themselves according to general “Play Nice” policies. This means no training, griefing, or otherwise detrimental behavior that would reflect poorly on Shadows of Agnarr

All guild members will show their guild tag at all times. If you prefer to go anonymous, please use /role instead of /anon.

Please limit chat of a political, RL religious, or otherwise improper topic in guild chat or public channels.



Those that wish to join Shadows of Agnarr can be directed to an officer. A future member of the guild should be like-minded, and agree to the rules and goals above.

Newly invited characters are assigned “Recruit” status for around 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks or so, pending no issues, member status is awarded.

Members can “tag” any and all boxes or alts that they wish into the guild.

The “Officers” in the guild will work as a council to approve the direction, rules and decisions for the guild.

The final word is given to the guild leader.

Friends or Family may be invited and given the “Friends/Family” tag. This is comparable to Member status with the exception that you are considerd a “Recruit” for the purpose of raid invites. (See DKP Rules).


Occasionally (and most Mondays) we will hold Off Night Raids to assist guild members with quests, epics, keying and more.

The raid leader on these nights will use their discretion in handling targets, looting and priority.